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Time and winter do terrible things to our paved surfaces. All the expanding and contracting from water turning to ice and back again wreak havoc on asphalt and concrete road surfaces, not to mention the scraping of plows or the ground shifting under the pavement. When your customers arrive at your place of business, you probably don’t want them to be greeted by a dilapidated lot, right?


Does your parking lot have any of the following problems?


  • Barely visible parking lines
  • Pits and valleys
  • Rough, uneven texture
  • Pooling water
  • Cracks


If so, look no further. You’re seeking a paving company that excels in high-quality parking lot repair and surface maintenance with top notch customer service. Professional Asphalt Sealing and Maintenance, LLC has been in the parking lot installation business since 1997. ProAsphalt offers a wide variety of parking lot resurfacing options for your home or business.


Services available:


  • Parking Lot Sealcoating
  • Parking Lot Milling
  • Grade correction for proper water drainage
  • Parking Lot Marking and Lines
  • Asphalt Maintenance
  • Crack Filling
  • Pothole Repair
  • Parking Lot Striping



With asphalt sealcoating from ProAsphalt, your surfaces will be all made to hold up in the weather and prolonged wear and tear. And when you work with our team members, you'll benefit from our hard workmanship and commitment to greatness in all we do. It does not matter what size of your property is, we have the tools and experience to complete our work within budget and on time. We work very hard to keep our rates reasonable without ever slacking on quality or service.



Our crew is strongly familiar with how parking lots are constructed, and this helps them provide precise paint striping. We're focused on serving your needs by offering great quality striping services, no matter how small or large your area happens to be. Our team is polite and easy to work with; and we make scheduling as simple as possible. We also offer a variety of parking lot services to suit your needs.

Our striping services are created to make any space safe and orderly. Our great rates are made to offer customers like you great value.


Crack Filling—Benefits from it:


  • Saves You Money
  • You can avoid costly asphalt replacement with crack sealing performed by professionals. The cost of replacement can be much more expensive than a single maintenance procedure.
  • Prolongs Pavement Life
  • Routine Maintenance (proper crack sealing and sealcoating) can make the life of your asphalt last twice as long. Crack sealing is the most important step you can take to extend the life of your asphalt.
  • Prevents Water Penetration
  • Weather-proofing agents repel water.  Untreated cracks allow water into and under the base which leads to pavement failure. Water is a big enemy of asphalt.
  • Improves Appearance
  • Views of your home or place of business are greatly enhanced with a deep, rich, satiny black finish.


ProAsphalt promises to use the highest quality products available, which are specifically designed and fixed for your climate.


Asphalt Repair/Patching

ProAsphalt also specializes in asphalt repairs. We can fix that ugly crack in your pavement and make the surface appear brand new again. Expert maintenance requires assessments of surface conditions and a quick response so that small issues do not become out of control ones. Paying attention to detail can reduce surface aging and have an outcome of substantial cost savings over the life of any pavement structure.


We will work with you to ensure that the right product is provided and the smallest details are attended to. This type of asphalt paving and repair is what keeps customers coming back to us.


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ProAsphalt promises to use the highest quality products available, which are specifically designed and fixed for your climate.

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